Meet our customers.

See what small business owners have to say about how AdWords Express improves their sales and reaches new customers.

Chelsea Pines Inn

A stylish bed and breakfast in the heart of Manhattan attracts more urban travelers with AdWords Express. Keeping ad budgets flexible helps them move with the ebb and flow of the hospitality industry.

NYC Bookbinding, Simply Chic, and Point Loma Outfitting

How do you advertise for a sale or promote your specialized service? See how small businesses use AdWords Express to reach new customers.

Tommy Gun’s Garage, Beauty Company, and Sabella-Mills Voice Studio

A dinner theater in Chicago, a beauty salon in San Francisco, and a voice studio in New York share their experiences with AdWords Express.

Chicago Sailboats Charter

Enjoying Chicago’s skyline by sailboat is contingent on the weather. Discover how this seasonal business uses AdWords Express to beef up ad spending at just the right time.

“To set up an ad with AdWords Express was very easy. I gave a description of my services, chose a budget and then AdWords Express did the rest.”
Jennifer T. Jestin - NYC Bookbinding